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Our Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Tinctures under the Prohibition No. 9 brand are ingested by taking a dropper of contents and placing underneath the tongue for 30-60 seconds to be absorbed through the membrane located under the tongue – This is the fastest absorption method.  Our Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC Tincture is  flavored using natural terpenes.  There are 90mg Total Hemp Herived Delta-9 THC in one bottle.


You can also ingest by putting in a beverage, or even some foods and ingesting it that way, but keep in mind this is an oil-based product and it will not fully mix with your beverage and absorption will not be as effective as it does not have the chance to absorb through the membrane underneath the tongue.

Prohibition Banana Runtz D9 Tincture

  • **Online ordering is restricted only to our Virginia Customers at this time**  If you are not ordering from a Virginia store location, please refer to and select a WI, PA, or NC location

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