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Mile of Music & THE Dispensary - Supporting Local Music

As Summer approaches in Wisconsin, LIVE music is upon us and artists are looking to book their next event. Mile of Music is a music event that promotes over 200 international artists over 4 days (August 3rd - 6th) along Downtown College Avenue in Appleton, WI. There is one huge difference between this event and others - it is, and always has been, COMPLETELY FREE.

It has always been the goal of the festival to promote the event organically to showcase the soul and voice of Appleton, while featuring up and coming artists.

Dave Willems, co-founder of the Mile of Music states in a Rolling Stones Article, “We never want live music to feel like a commodity. Live music should feel like an experience. The driving force behind this entire thing, is to create this environment and platform of soul-enriching experiences for these artists - not soul crushing.”

The Mile of Music supplies just that to the artists - making them feel “famous for a weekend;” as quoted from Jamie Kent who is a Nashville indie artist who has played the event 7 times.

In order for the event to remain free, as well as support traveling artists; the Mile of Music looks to its local community, businesses and volunteers to continue to host this amazing event. The funds raised are used to support the artists with lodging, food and beverage; as well as provide payment for the artists for their entertainment.

THE Dispensary is happily sponsoring the event! You will be able to find us at Chadwick’s for the 4 days of the event! Learn more here.

Thank you to Willems Marketing & Events and The Mile Team for their continued efforts to put on an amazing show for artists and attendees alike!

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